Sustainable Agricultural Practices

Healthy Farmers

Poverty Reduction and Health of the Rural/Urban Poor

Environmental Sustainability

Who we are

Sustainable Ecological Agriculture and Health Initiative (SEAHI) is a research based non-governmental organization.

Over the past few years organizations have fostered the conversion of large areas of agricultural land into organic farming practices. The organic sector has concomitantly and gradually set up a commercial organization to cater to the growing and ever more sophisticated demands of consumers. What was once a niche for few health-crazed individuals cultivating a different life style and different eating habits has progressively established itself in the agricultural world and in society at large, thus mobilizing both human and financial resources. Its popularity has some interesting facets to it, especially when one considers the delicate transition period rural areas are currently experiencing.

Sustainable Ecological Agriculture and Health Initiative (SEAHI) works on projects in agriculture, energy, environment, natural resources, poverty reduction and health of the rural/urban poor.


  • To promote sustainable agricultural practices among farmers

  • To promote the health of farmers, rural and urban poor

  • To promote environmental sustainability

What we do